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There is always something going on at Laboratoires FILLMED.

You will find here the latest news of the laboratory, in terms of communication, product, publications.

A night to remember, Saturday 4th December. Oh, what a night, the great, the good and the beautiful were all [...]
There is a fine line between enough and too much in regard to facial enhancements. Bérengère Boucly, FillMed's Marketing Director [...]
Be our beautiful. Be the new face of FILLMED. Become a beauty ambassador : #myNCTF casting #myNCTF casting call Be [...]
Give natural, fresh, radiant results with Art Filler. Inspired directly from make-up artist techniques, our MEDICAL HIGHLIGHTING protocols replace brushes [...]

Radiant with BioNutriGlow protocol Revitalise your natural beauty with BioNutriGlow and rejuvenate how you see yourself.


Skin Perfusion cabin protocols, inspired by aesthetic medicine. Your tailor-made skin rejuvenation program designed to maintain and enhance the results of cosmetic procedures.

There’s something about throwing out food that really bothers me. It’s not just the waste of money that stings me [...]

MEDICAL HIGHLIGHTING directly inspired from make up artist techniques to highlight the volumes and enlight the face


We are proud to announce the publication of the results of the 18-month clinical study on Art Filler…

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