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What to expect during a lip filler procedure?

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You want to undergo lip injections? But before you take the plunge, you have a thousand and one questions about the procedure? Our team of experts is here to explain in detail how a lip filler procedure works at FILLMED.

Lip filler: what is it?

Lip fillers refer to the products used in lip injection procedures, involving substances such as hyaluronic acid. Whether you want to add volume, correct a little asymmetry, or give your face a harmonious, rejuvenated look, this is the ideal solution. And as a bonus? They can boost your self-confidence. Like any medical procedure, lip filler treatments must be performed according to the rules of the art. It’s crucial to have it performed by an experienced aesthetic medicine professional. A lip filler procedure follows precise steps to ensure you leave the consultation with a lovely, satisfying smile on your face! .

During the lip filler procedure

  • Before the procedure

Discussion with the Doctor

The preliminary stage begins with a discussion with your doctor. He will ask you several questions, including: How is your health? Have you had any dental work recently? What do you need? Have you ever had injections? Keep in mind, these are just a few of the topics covered, as it is important to get a comprehensive view of your situation to tailor the procedure to you.

The idea? Specify your expectations, evaluate your anatomy, and ensure that your desires are in line with the harmony of your face.

A thorough analysis of your face, especially the lower third, is essential. It enables the doctor to define the best approach. For example, he might suggest revitalizing the perioral area before increasing lip volume. This involves injecting the product into the white lip, nasolabial folds, or bar-code creases to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It’s like the Versailles castle – a magnificent structure in itself but all the more beautiful because it’s surrounded by splendid gardens.

This consultation is also an opportunity for you to express any concerns you may have. The practitioner will listen to you and reassure you.

Importance of information and safety

It cannot be repeated often enough: injections must be performed by doctors and professionals in aesthetic medicine. Their expertise in the field minimizes the risk of complications. However, while rare, complications can still occur. The practitioner must inform you of the possible risks involved in such a procedure. He’ll also explain which product he’ll be using and what its specific features are.

Don’t forget that “fake injectors” abound on the net and social media! They are unqualified but perform injections illegally. Don’t let yourself be tempted, or your health could be seriously endangered.

Is a consultation necessary just before the injection?

The injection can take place immediately after the discussion with the doctor. This is often the case for patients who have already had injections with the same practitioner. If you’re not completely sure, no pressure! You can come back once you have confirmed your decision.

  • During the procedure

Once everything is clear, it’s time for action! The lip filler procedure consists of three major steps:

  1. Application of an anesthetic cream.
  2. Disinfection of the area to be injected.
  3. Injection.

Precision is essential, especially in this delicate area. It requires a great deal of skill and attention to detail. The practitioner gently injects the product in small quantities at several points under the skin, using a cannula or needle.

How long will the lip filler procedure last? The session generally lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

Choosing the right product for a successful lip filler procedure

Each lip is unique: thin, heart-shaped, round, or oval, they reflect our personality! At FILLMED, we celebrate this uniqueness with our “Lip Menu,” a range of meticulously crafted hyaluronic acid-based products specially dedicated to this central element of the face.

  • ART FILLER® LIPS: ideal if you’re looking for lip volume and to correct deep wrinkles around the mouth.
  • ART FILLER® LIPSSOFT: for those who want fuller lips but in a natural way and want to smooth out fine lines and medium wrinkles.
  • M-HA® 10: the solution to intensely moisturize your lips and give them that sought-after “glowy” effect.

With this variety of options, the practitioner selects or combines the products best suited to your needs and anatomy for a natural, harmonious result.

  • After injection

After the injection, the practitioner will gently massage your lips to evenly distribute the product and may apply ice to reduce swelling. Hematoma or edema can appear after the injection. Don’t panic, it’s a very common and harmless skin reaction. You’ll receive support and advice from your doctor to deal with any adverse effects.

Now you’re ready to go!

Don’t hesitate to consult our recommendations on the dos and don’ts to follow before and after a hyaluronic acid injection in our dedicated article!

FILLMED’s products are injectable medical device range. Ask your doctor for advice. If any adverse event occurs, please inform your doctor. Vigilance contact (notification of an adverse event): vigilance@fillmed.com



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