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How to get rid of wrinkles around mouth?

Explore methods to combat wrinkles around the mouth. Discover the role of hydration and the benefits of hyaluronic acid injections for a youthful look.

While the passage of time graces us with wisdom and experience, it also introduces us to unwelcome guests: wrinkles. Among these marks of time, wrinkles that form around the mouth are visible and can sometimes be a source of embarrassment. Would you like to get rid of the wrinkles around your mouth? Do you want to know how to reduce smile lines? Or even, how to prevent them from occurring? Well, we have an article dedicated to this subject. You’re in the right place!

What are the wrinkles around the mouth?

When discussing wrinkles, the terms we use can be quite imaginative. So here is, for you, a summary of the different wrinkles around the mouth:

  • Lip lines: these are vertical wrinkles that appear above the upper lip below the nose. They’re also called barcode wrinkles or sun wrinkles. These wrinkles are particularly pronounced in people who smoke.
  • Nasolabial folds or smile lines: these wrinkles are visible when we laugh. They extend from both sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth.
  • Marionette lines: wrinkles that run from the corner of the lips to the chin. They give the face a sad or severe appearance, which is why they’re also known by the unflattering name “bitterness lines”.

In addition to these wrinkles, there are other signs of aging specific to the lips and mouth area, including:

  • Thinner lips
  • Progressive depigmentation and color irregularities
  • A lengthening of the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose (known as “white lip”).
  • Flattening of the philtrum (the groove between the nose and upper lip)
  • A less-defined lip contour and cupid’s bow
  • A general loss of definition

What causes wrinkles around the mouth?

A brief look at the main causes of skin aging

The skin aging process is a complex phenomenon in which several factors come into play. Skin aging is mainly due to a decrease in the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, leading to a loss of skin density. Damage inflicted by free radicals also causes skin aging, those unstable particles accelerate cell aging. We talk here about intrinsic factors. Extrinsic factors, those linked to our lifestyle, also play a significant role in skin aging. Sun exposure, smoking, lack of sleep, and a poor diet can all help to accelerate this process. All these factors contribute to the appearance of fine lines on the surface of the skin as we age. To learn more about how to slow down this process, read our guide to ageless with FILLMED.

So, how do you get rid of wrinkles
around the mouth?

Although we’ve mentioned all these less-than-ideal facts, there’s no reason to stop smiling! Let’s find out together what solutions are available to prevent aging in this area of the face and reduce wrinkles around the lips.

Preventing mouth wrinkles: everyday activities

  • Drink plenty of water:we can’t say it often enough, drinking enough water is essential. In this way, you rehydrate and moisturize your skin and lips at the same time. So, try to drink a liter and a half of water every day!
  • Pamper your lips: the skin on the lips is thin and vulnerable. It dries out and cracks easily. It is also vulnerable to external temperature changes: cold, heat, dry air from heating or air conditioning puts a severe strain on our lips. Applying a daily lip balm with SPF is essential to protect against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Apply a moisturizing cream: Applying a moisturizing cream is essential to reinforce the skin’s hydrolipidic film, which acts as a shield against external stressors like the sun, pollution, wind, and cold. Above all, in our case, don’t forget to apply it in the area between your nose and lips.

For optimal hydration and soothing care post-aesthetic procedures, consider our B3-RECOVERY CREAM. It’s specially formulated with hydrating properties and is ideal for protecting sensitive and reactive skin.

To further enhance your skincare routine, complement it with our RE-TIME SERUM. This serum is enriched with Vitamin A, renowned for its wrinkle-reducing properties, and contains hydrating Hyaluronic acid, which ffectively smooths dehydration wrinkles.

Exfoliate your face and lips regularly: this will remove dead cells on the skin’s surface, stimulate blood circulation, and boost cell renewal. Our EXFOLIATING CREAM is perfect for the job. It gently removes surface dead cells and revitalizes the basal layer, revealing smoother, radiant skin.

Adopting the right steps in your skincare routine is a good thing. But once wrinkles have begun to appear, it’s time to explore more advanced methods. Are you wondering how to reduce smile lines, for example? The idea is not to transform your face, but simply to prevent and correct the effects of time. An action to beautify and reclaim your face.

When it comes to filling wrinkles around the mouth, hyaluronic acid is a leading active ingredient! Naturally present in our bodies, hyaluronic acid is valued for its remarkable benefits and effectiveness in plumping and moisturizing the skin and filling wrinkles around the mouth.

How is the hyaluronic acid injected around the mouth?

Before starting, the specialist will carefully examine your face to identify the precise areas to be treated. He will also determine the amount of hyaluronic acid needed. A low-crosslinked hyaluronic acid is generally preferred because it has less of a volumizing effect and is therefore more appropriate for use in this sensitive area.

Once the assessment is complete, the area is disinfected and, if necessary, a local anesthetic can be applied to make the process more comfortable. Following this, the hyaluronic acid is administered beneath the skin using a fine needle or cannula. Post-injection, the practitioner will softly mold the region to ensure the product spreads uniformly.

Such a procedure demands meticulous attention to detail. It’s essential to minimize the appearance of fine wrinkles without giving the ‘white lip’ a swollen look. The ultimate aim? Achieving a natural outcome that preserves the face’s inherent balance.

What is FILLMED’s secret weapon for reducing wrinkles around the mouth? ART FILLER® range! A product portfolio indicated for filling fine lines, surface wrinkles, and fine cracks in the skin! These hyaluronic acid-based fillers enable your doctor to offer you a customized, gentle treatment for the area to be treated. Your doctor will follow the principle of ideal proportions, according to the anatomy and uniqueness of each patient.

Do you want to know more about filling wrinkles around the mouth? Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor!

FILLMED’s products are injectable medical device range. Ask your doctor for advice. If any adverse event occurs, please inform your doctor. Vigilance contact (notification of an adverse event): vigilance@fillmed.com



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